Focus was on 450 GW Renewable Energy: US special climate envoy John Kerry to India

Focus was on 450 GW Renewable Energy: US special climate envoy John Kerry to India

Net zero emission target did not figure prominently in deliberations with India, US special climate envoy John Kerry has said. There was strong focus on the country’s 450 GW renewable energy target as it would help India to go ahead towards holding the 1.5-degree Celsius commitment.

Interacting with journalists in New Delhi on Tuesday, Kerry said he urged India to include it as part of its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the upcoming

“We did not spend a lot of time on net zero…we talked about it and nobody suggested that it wasn’t fair discussion to be having but the key is — and what we really focused on — is now. If we don’t do enough in 2020-2030, net zero is not achievable... the 450 GW modeling shows that if India achieves that, it is on track to target to hold off the 1.5 degrees,” Kerry said. “I personally urged the government to announce that as part of the NDC because to do so is really to help other countries realise that nations are stepping up in significant ways and trying to make a difference.”

The US government wants to work very closely with India to help accelerate the deployment of 450 GW target renewable energy’ as it is a very ambitious goal and would be a major contribution by a developing country.

On whether he urged India to raise its climate ambitions for COP26 talks, Kerry said that while he felt confident that India would announce ambitions, it is ultimately the PM’s prerogative to announce ambitions and internal deliberations need to be made on the same. Everybody needed to raise ambitions and India was already ahead of a lot of countries in its efforts, he said.

“Everybody can contribute and I am not suggesting that everybody has to do what developed countries are doing... The discussion I had here was less about ‘you have got to do this’ or ‘you have got to do that’ and more about how do we work together… to raise ambition,” Kerry said.